Here is our Privacy Policy information

1. We at do not collect any personal information nor do we share or sell it to third parties.
We do not use cookies here and we do not keep any track on you and your activities, there is no log for that.
We may occasionally show you online ads but it has nothing to do with your personal choices or preferences.
The only information we obtain is from Google and Bing statistics, that includes country, computer or mobile device, IP, language and other information those services are able to collect and show it to us. This type of information is impersonal and not linked to your account.
2. We have nothing against internet anonymity as long as it does not hurt anyone.
We support freedom of speech, so you may freely express your thoughts and share your opinion with other people using our service.
But we will not tolerate racism, hatred, violence, sexual abuse, harassment, stalking, bullying, etc .
3. If we see anyone performing any illegal acts, those people will be reported to authorities and banned from using our services ever again.

Things you do and information you provide

We collect the content and other information you provide when you use our Services, including when you sign up for an account, create or share, and message or communicate with others. This can include information in or about the content you provide, such as the location of a photo or the date a file was created.
We store data for as long as it is necessary to provide products and services to you and others. Information associated with your account will be kept until your account is deleted, unless we no longer need the data to provide products and services.
You can delete your account any time. When you delete your account, we delete things you have posted, such as your photos and status updates. If you do not want to delete your account, but want to temporarily stop using VigilantX, you may deactivate your account instead. Keep in mind that information that others have shared about you is not part of your account and will not be deleted when you delete your account.