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Q. What is the main point or mission of your service?
A. We want to expose those who has something to hide and warn others about them. We want you to be vigilant about those you came across in your life.

Q. How do I start?
A. Fill out a simple registration form, log in, then submit a name, photos, city, country, social network links and other info. Other people will find this person when searching by their name. Just like regular social network. Except this time the profile will be more truthful.

Q. Can I post any personal info?
A. No, you can't. Don't post the exact home address, home phone number, ID/DL/Passport scans or photos. You can only submit a public info about a person. Don't post any photos of minors, all persons must be at leat 18 years old.

Q. Whom can I report?
A. You can report anyone you know personally, who's been or is violent, abusive, cheating, bullying, harassing your or people you know. Someone denied you service based on your race or religion? A doctor refused to accept you or provided a bad service which led to even more harm? Someone took money from you and never returned it back? Your ex used to beat you or threatened your life or life your your relatives? Anyone who has dark secrets, should be on the list.

Q. What should I write in my report?
A. Please try to stay objective as much as possible, even sometimes it is hard to not let the emotions out.

Q. Should I only mention bad stuff about a person?
A. Not at all. Be specific, but try to mention their good sides too. Someone cheated on you, that's bad? Good with the kids at the same time? Worth mentioning that too. Not all people are complete monsters.

Q. Can I stay anonymous when reporting someone? I'm afraid a person can still hurt me.
A. Yes, you can, however anonymous reports have less credibility. Please be specific. If you think that the person you report can do harm to you, you should avoid any details leading back to you.

Q. I have created a profile of someone, am I allowed to delete it?
A. Yes, every info you have supplied belongs to you. However, id someone reacted to your profile, liked/disliked, wrote a commentary or added any additional info, it will be deleted as well.

Q. What if I create a false profile of someone, what will happen then?
A. First of all, we aim to create a serious and useful platform, this is not a place for jokes or pranks. If your statement and any other info false or untrue, you may be sued for defamation by those whom you defame.

Q. I found out that someone reported me and their statement is a lie. Can you take that profile down?
A. In this case we have a dispute team who will look into your case.

Q. Can I pay you to take my profile down?
A. Absolutely not.

Q. What if I create a profile for myself where I make myself look mostly good?
A. We utilise a number of techniques where we can spot a fake account and fake reviews, you will be banned for sure.